Retail Garden Seeds

The Page Seed Company is pleased to offer its customers a wide range of vegetable, flower and herb retail seed packets under our Page’s Premium seed line. If you are looking for Heirlooms, Open-Pollinated or Hybrid varieties, our Premium line is the broadest range of varieties offered. Page’s Liberty Garden line offers proven varieties for backyard gardeners when variety name isn’t as important as quality and value. When consumers want nothing but an Organic product, Page’s offers a full-line of Organic vegetables and herbs to fit their needs. New for 2018, Page’s Urban Garden is a unique offering of Container varieties for those gardeners that may live in urban areas or simply are looking for a gardening experience that brings vegetables and ornamentals into one footprint. We have a variety of point of purchase displays for high impact visibility and maximum sell thru in our entire line up of retail seed packets. Thank you for putting your trust in The Page Seed Company for over 100 years.

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